Custom Surfboards

tablas surf personalizadas


We love being able to announce that we also have our own custom surfboards!

You also have the option of making it however you want: size, shape, style, etc.

-The surfboards for big waves, are for those surfers who have already gone through the rest of the levels, it takes a lot of technique to surf these waves as is evident.

-Surfboards for small and medium waves are the widest group, since they are the most common types of waves and where we find all levels of surfers.

-If we are looking specifically for surfboards for small waves, we will find a slightly different modality.

One more way to bet on our brand and continue to grow. We hope you like it!

Fully customizable and under the brand Cat Fun!

All kinds of surfing models, from models for big waves as well as for newcomers.

It is important that you choose a board that meets all your needs. Each person has their own measurements and style. The best waves and the good wind await you in Tarifa, and now from the hand of Surfer Tarifa! We advise you on the type of board you need.

Longboard, Fish, Malibú, Gun, Shortboard, etc. Como ves, las posibilidades son muchísimas. Varía según el tamaño, tu estilo, el para qué quieres usarla, etc. Además también puedes customizar la estética con un diseño personalizado. En Tarifa te esperamos, en C/ Batalla Del Salado, 47.

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