Surfer Clothing


Surfer Clothing is more than just a style of dress, it goes beyond putting on a shirt of this or that brand, it is above passing fashions, whims of a day and the banality of wanting to join a group or collective. 

To wear surf clothes we don't have to practice this sport, but there is something that all of us who like this type of clothing share, our love and respect for nature and sports, our conscience about ourselves and about those around us and the presence that we need so much today to live in the present. 

The word surf, of English origin, means "crest of the wave, breaker or swell." If we want to go back to the origin of this sport, we have to go back to 1771. It is this historical moment when the famous captain James Cook, witnesses the adventures and acrobatics that the natives of what is now known as Hawaii developed. 

Within the history of surfing, we can highlight some of the several most important events: 

  • 1820: With the arrival of Christian missionaries to Hawaii, surfing is about to disappear, as it is considered immoral.
  • 1840: The first journalists begin to arrive in Hawaii and with them they begin to denounce the abuse and exploitation of the natives and on the other hand they begin to describe this sport practiced by the original inhabitants of the island. Mark Twain, in his book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, describes the adventures of a beginner surfing. 
  • 1898. With the fall of the monarchy and the entry of Hawaii into the United States, the natives are once again free to practice their sport.
  • 1910-1920: The Hawaiian Duke Kajanamoku is proclaimed Olympic swimming champion repeatedly and in his travels around the world he begins to surf, causing a great impact on the public and awakening their interest.
  • 1930-1940: Surfing arrives in California and the first championships begin, with this beginning a massive diffusion throughout the world.

From this moment on, surfing and its culture spread throughout the world in a way and lay the foundations of what we know today as surfing fashion. 

There are many values ​​that sustain the culture of surfing. Even if you do not practice this sport, you can feel identified with all of them. There are many of us who feel this way. The surf family is very big and every day more. We are not a fashion, but a lifestyle. We like the simple life, nature, people, sunrises and sunsets, natural food, sports, travel, adventures, adrenaline, in short we like to live in the present and enjoy the small pleasures that we offers our existence. 

Long live surfing and everything around you friends. 

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