Best kitesurf school in Tarifa

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Best kitesurf school in Tarifa

Best Kitesurfing School Tarifa. Choosing a Kitesurf school in Tarifa is not an easy task, because in 2021 we are 55 schools that operate legally in this wind mecca.

Nowadays, we are used to looking for information online and we often get carried away by the image, or the evaluations of the users when we look for a service or product.

Through this post, we want to contribute our vision about what are the characteristics that a kitesurfing school must have in order to be considered an option with guarantees for your learning of this fantastic sport.

We have selected the aspects that we consider most important to make a small analysis of what should be the points to take into account in this decision to choose a good nautical school:


The place where the school is located and where the classes are taught is undoubtedly a more than important aspect. Kitesurfing is a sport that is learned both on the sand of the beach and in the sea, that is why it will be important that the learning place has a wide beach, as wide as possible, so you can safely practice kite control and you will feel comfortable and safe in your first steps as a kitesurfer. Likewise, we must assess that the spot is free of stones, architectural barriers and other elements that may be potentially dangerous. In the same way, it will be important to take into account the accesses to this spot, road, parking and other services such as restaurants, which will provide you with more ease and comfort in your learning process. In short, not all spots are the same, so choose a spacious, safe place with services. Here in Tarifa we enjoy immense beaches, with good accesses and perfect services for your learning.


This is one of the most important aspects, because when we want to learn kitesurfing we hope to be able to enjoy a few days in which we can practice our sport continuously. Choose spots that have a high proportion of windy days, as it is a bit frustrating not being able to develop your training properly due to lack of wind. You can check websites, blogs, or wind forecast pages like windguru to check if the spot to choose on the dates of your trip has a high proportion of windy days. In this sense, Tarifa is the mecca of kitesurfing in Europe, as it is the windiest place. Guaranteed wind.


Require that your school is recognized or approved by the official authorities of the place. Town councils, sailing federations…. They will be the institutions that will validate that the schools have all the requirements to be able to provide this training with a guarantee of meeting the minimum requirements. In Tarifa, the bodies responsible for this approval are the city council and the Andalusian sailing federation. It rejects formations without homologation or outside the legality.


Without a doubt, your teachers are going to be definitive in the way in which you introduce yourself in this sport. Teachers with official qualifications will offer you security and quality in your training process. In Tarifa, instructors must have the title of Sports Technician as Kitesurf Instructor, a training that includes from first aid and water rescue techniques, to training on meteorology, pedagogy, teaching methodology ... Ask or find out about the qualification of your instructor, the quality goes through a good previous training of the trainer.


Any outdoor sport must have civil liability insurance to guarantee that your rights are covered as a consumer. It is very unlikely that you will need it, but you should not choose a kitesurfing school that does not have insurance.


The material with which you learn is very important. In kitesurfing, it is essential to learn with material adapted to your first steps. In this case, we use learning kites, bars with short lines for your first days, helmets, impact and flotation vests, radio communication systems.

The state of the material is also final. Choose schools with new material, as you will avoid learning with outdated material, that does not work well, or simply that breaks down, wasting time and money.


We leave for the end, perhaps the most important point. What is the mission of the school? Not all schools are the same. There are those that are focused on having many students each season, but they have not taken care of them as they deserve, group classes, teachers without qualifications, material of dubious quality, super discounts ... cheap can be expensive.

A school must want to train authentic kitesurfers, it must enjoy it and above all this mission must be in all its business decisions. In this sense, an experienced school that meets all legal requirements is a good starting point. If you can also perceive love and respect for their work, then you are about to make the right decision.

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