C/batalla del salado, 47 // CP: 11380 Tarifa
INFO@SURFERTARIFA.COM // TFN: + 34 605 031 880

C/ Batalla del Salado, 47

We are waiting for you in the emblematic Cat Fun store,
On the main street of Tarifa, your centre point for wind and water sports!
Enjoy our paradise, the adventure capital, where we have the best wind in the most southern point of Spain. Learn with qualified instructors and the latest material available on the market.

Just enjoy this paradise and let us take care of tailoring best experience for you. Kite, Windsurf, Surf, SUP with us in TARIFA!

You can find your favorite brands in the PRO Shop. Clothes, tables and accessories that you are looking forward to.

And as a synthesis, SURFER TARIFA, the brand of clothing that sums it all up, and that when you wear it people will know where you spent your best vacation.

Follow us and discover Tarifa with us.

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Discover a world that you love but do not yet know.