(max. 4 people)

3h / 1 day


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6h/2 days


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9h/3 days


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12h/4 days


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* Groups max. of 4 people and 2 kites. We work in binomials with a kite, you learn the technique of kitesurfing with our method, Interacting with your colleagues and working as a team, making feedback and Experiencing different situations of a kitesurfer, values ​​and sports attitude.


(only 2 people & 2 kites)
With this course you have the option to have your own kite all the time, you will be your and Another person at the most, be your companion a friend, partner, family or other Companion that we look for you.


(The monitor and the kite just for you.)
Every extra hour at 50 €, is a course for the most demanding, with which you accelerate your Progression, being able to navigate in hours, only depends on the motivation that You have the monitor just for you, so that you can take full advantage of their advice


If you only have two days or an end, this is your course, ask us for accommodation you We helped to look for it. You can continue with your classes the hours you want, we recommend Complete a 9-hour / 3-day course and close the learning cycle With the kite board; After this course you will obtain a card of use Of the same, with the acquired level. You can access the IKO card, where your progress will be reflected Http://


Group min. 4 people.
With this course you will have your first contact with kitesurfing, discovering if it is the sport what do you like. If you have little time and want to get an idea of ​​the sport TRY IT NOW!